2013 SWP4K # 26 A Letter to Your Favorite Author

Hear that ticking? It’s time running out on summer, folks. Tomorrow, I take my newborn 11 year-old to pick up her schedule for MIDDLE SCHOOL. Thursday, my Kindergartner and 4th grader find their classrooms and meet their teachers. Monday they’re back in school.

‘Tis the season (at least in Georgia) to ring in the new school year.

It’s been a great summer with no regrets, lots of chlorine, cherished memories, and already fading tans. But this week will be the last week of Summer Writing Prompts for Kids. I hope your kids have found at least a few of the writing prompts fun! If you’ve got a little more left of summer vacation, check out all of this summer’s writing prompts here, or last year’s here.

2013 SWP4K # 26 Author LetterWrite a letter to the author of your favorite book. Explain what you liked in particular about the book and why.