Book Banter Vol. 29: “Shaken, Not Stirred”

Goat Farm Books

— The cocktail chart of film & literature characters. (Daisy Buchanan sure does love her mint juleps.)

— In case you missed it, the best beach reads from ArtsATL.

— Sugar Mule’s current issue, No Place Like Home, explores stories, memoir and poetry of the South Asian Diaspora, including my own story, Homeland. Check it out

Farm lit replaces chick lit as the new “it” genre for women.

— Writers who dislike likable characters.

— In an old, but wonderful letter, Hellen Keller sets book-burning German students straight.

— Not sure I agree with this list of 15 books you should not read in your twenties. (I don’t get it…why not?)

— Apparently, creative people say “no.” (If that’s the case, I should be doing this more.)

— Challenges to staying the course in the art-committed life and a related essay on the psychic challenges for the recent MFA grad student. (With some great advice by authors.)

Letters from Willa Cather to F. Scott Fitzgerald.

An excerpt from a forthcoming book about carpet weavers in Afghanistan.

— Book staircase porn.

— More great tattoos inspired by books.

— E-book sales give publishers a boost.

— Loved this: 8 signs you’re a book person.

— The benefits of home libraries for children.

30 classic Dr. Seuss quotes that will change your life.

— The Justice Department says Apple was the ringleader in the price-fixing of e-books.

— A book on women writers and comedians on the choice not to have children.

— Loved this– 7 ways of looking at The Great Gatsby.

I leave for my second MFA residency at Queens University in Charlotte on Sunday, then I’m taking a much needed few days off. Book Banter will be back in 2 weeks. Take care.


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