Book Banter Vol. 28: “Best Beach Reads”

TheoryAdmittedly, I’m a bit freaked out right now. I’m not even close to being finished with my manuscript submissions for school on Sunday.

It’ll get done, right?

On with the links…

— Looking for a great beach read for the summer? In my next article for ArtsATL, I give you a list of six books I read and loved! Hope you enjoy them, too. (And if you are so inclined, please share it on FB, Twitter, etc.)

Paying tribute to Proust.

Happy birthday, Mrs. Dalloway!

— A lovely essay about feminist bookstores.

— In praise of the epistolary novel.

— 5 (Truly awful) original book titles. (Mules in Horses’ Harness anyone?)

— 5 Lies unpublished writers tell themselves.

— Another school district bans a book. (You’d think they’d have better things to do.)

— Remembering a Chicana author.

— Lost & Found: A poet’s journal from the start of WWII.

For those of you asking…I AM planning on bringing back Summer Writing Prompts for Kids. Maybe not EVERY day, but I hope to post prompts 2-3 times a week beginning the week after Memorial Day.


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