Book Banter Vol. 36: “Poetic Justice”

It’s been a week of events at the girls’ school, so I’ve largely been playing mommy, not writer. But here’s a list of links I’ve gathered over the past week on books, writing and publishing:

— So psyched that more poet laureate’s are popping up. Lucy Tapahonso has been named the Navajo Nation’s first poet laureate, and James Tyner has been named the poet laureate of Fresno, California.

A lovely essay about Zora Neale Hurston.

— Writer Christal Presley talks about PTSD.

— What happens when you gender-flip book covers?

— New York City cab drivers produce a series of poetry.

— What happens when celebrities takeover publishing.

— How to read in the bath.

— The fascinating stories behind classic book titles.

Gatsby house— The meaning behind Fitzgerald’s famous line, “There are no second acts;” 20 American mansions fit for Jay Gatsby; a little about Fitzgerald’s first version of the novela dozen vintage ads from The New Yorker that evoke the era of Gatsby; what Fitzgerald’s estate made off the movie (not much); and not everyone likes The Great Gatsby. Here’s a so-so review of the movie (but I’m still going to see it).

— I’m dying to see Ayad Aktar’s Pulitzer Prize winning play.

Clever doodles in school textbooks.

— Great writers offer rules for writing fiction. And here’s a comprehensive list of the timeless writing advice of great authors.

— Margaret Atwood’s technological revolution, and here’s what she dreams about.

— Reviews of books going on my reading list: A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, Flora, Allah Is Not Obliged.

— A man takes on the task of writing out the Bible by hand.

— The guilty pleasure that is the Gossip Girl novels.

— A novelist on note-taking.

The nation’s library hangs on by a thread.


2 thoughts on “Book Banter Vol. 36: “Poetic Justice”

  1. I’m so about advice and tips from successful writers this week. Thanks for the links! Oh, and I’m going to see Gatsby too. Don’t care – I’m too intrigued not to see it.

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