Book Banter Vol. 33: “Cover Me”


Skipping just one day of Book Banter has set me back quite a bit. I’m either going to need to keep up with it every weekday, or just list fewer links!

— A two-year old judges books by their covers.

— Hilarious new categories describing used books on Amazon.

— 25 vintage photos of librarians doing their thing.

— Wikipedia’s novelist problem gets worse.

— The truth about digital publishing that traditional publishers don’t want to hear.

— Steven Soderbergh writes a novella on Twitter.

— F. Scott Fitzgerald’s handwritten financial ledgers.

— What makes a happy writing community.

A cartoon tribute to cats and the poets who loved them.

— Cool literary magazine covers.

— What is the future of super-sized bookstores?

— Editors’ reading recommendations. (LOVE Drinking Coffee Elsewhere)

An interview with Israeli Arab author Sayed Kashua.

— The NYT Review changes editors, and ignites controversy.

— Still writing racy novels at 105 years old!

— How The Life of Pi symbolizes the post 9/11 era.

— Kurt Vonnegut’s letters.

— The collection at the Guantanamo library prison.

— Writing coach William Zinsser, is a good listener.

— Who was Typhoid Mary? An intriguing new novel about her life, and the disease she spread.

— Jason Segal writes a kids’ book.

An interview with Bangladeshi poet (and friend) Dilruba Ahmed.

— Writers in love with other art forms.

— The sudden death of a great feminist writer.

Iranian sketches of human rights.

— What kinds of values should children learn from books?

— It’s not too late to celebrate National Poetry Month.


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