Book Banter Vol 32: “Dear Diary”


— The diaries of Susan Sontag. (She loved lists.)

— The diary of a Hitler diary hoax.

— Why we love young adult fiction.

— 20 amazing outdoor libraries and bookstores from around the world.

— Your favorite authors’ favorite musicians.

— A review of Claire Messud’s new novel.

— James Patterson pleads for a book bailout.

— Will reading ever be the same if we no longer have printed books?

— Why presidential libraries are huge failures.

— The cultural myth of what writers earn.

— A book about a man who tries to raise his own wife. (And people think arranged marriages are weird?)

— The awkward relationship between the Library of Congress and e-books.

A review of Mira Nair’s film adaptation of the book, The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

— For you caffeine-drinkers, a book about the history of coffee.

— This NPR’s best selling books this week.

That’s a wrap. Have a good weekend!


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