Book Banter Vol. 31: “Most Well Read Cities”

Goat Farm Books

— Amazon ranks the most well read cities. (In my humble opinion, Atlanta should be higher.)

— Who wrote the best novel on Zelda Fitzgerald?

Book-shelf voyeurism. I love it!

Packing away your children’s outgrown picture books. *Sigh* (Thanks to Magpie, for the tip.)

— The most playful libraries in the world. And this one wins for the most inviting.

— A look at how The Paris Review mastered the art of the author interview.

— Oprah Winfrey, as a book critic.

— A profile of the first couple of American fiction.

— Thankfully, Maya Angelou is recovering from a recent hospitalization.

An interview with author Colson Whitehead. Here’s my favorite line, “[a]nd when people ask me if I’m a black writer, or just a writer who happens to be black, I tend to say that it’s either a dumb question or a question which happens to be dumb.”

Terrifying pictures from French children’s books. Even more terrifying? Wikipedia’s sexism toward female novelists.


2 thoughts on “Book Banter Vol. 31: “Most Well Read Cities”

  1. My kids are almost 11 (!!) but the thought of packing up all those treasured picture books and putting them away makes me tear up! Maybe this summer I’ll tackle it….

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