Book Banter Vol. 30: In a Pigeon Hold

Mo Willems

— Mo Willems reveals his secrets to writing children’s books that kids love the most.

The winners of Lambda Literary’s outstanding novelists and emerging writers are announced.

— Writer David Sedaris’ second shift.

— Famous writers’ creative habits.

— The lovely Jessica Handler is interviewed for her next book about writing grief.

— Jane Austen mastered game theory before mathematicians did.

— Do some authors get special treatment with extra reviews? Of course. But this writer is really upset about it.

Letters from J.D. Salinger. Speaking of Salinger, should comedian Louis CK do a Catcher in the Rye reading?

— The case against going to creative writing school. (Though, I’ve made my own case for creative writing school.)

— Please don’t brag about your book the way you brag about your child.


One thought on “Book Banter Vol. 30: In a Pigeon Hold

  1. I went to creative writing school too. I wanted to go back to school to get a Master’s for teaching possibilities and a promotion in the public schools. Creative Writing was the only subject I was really interested in at the time (later I added Library Science, just for fun!.)

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