Book Banter Vol. 19: I’ll drink to that!


— An exquisite interview with author Isabelle Allende, on her inspiration.

10 delicious beers to drink while reading.

— Does the ring of power of J.R.R. Tokien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy really exist?

— Is Amazon the evil empire of publishing? (This person doesn’t think so.)

— A diverse group of people weigh in on the state of the publishing industry.

— Will teachers be able to tell if their students do the e-textbook reading? (Thanks to Jackie, for the tip.)

— Another writer comes out against Scott Turrow’s op-ed piece from yesterday.

— How self-publishing has changed the world.

— Poet Pablo Neruda, to be exhumed.

— The guy who helped build the Kindle has some e-regrets.

— Perfect for National Poetry Month– an app to help you memorize poems by heart.


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