Book Bank # 12: “Harlem Shakedown”


— My quest to find the perfect typewriter tattoo continues. (I want one.)

— A literary great has passed on. RIP Chinua Achebe. (An interview with him from 2010 is here and more about him here.)

— A librarian gets fired when college students do the Harlem Shake on her shift. (Does no one have a sense of humor anymore?)

— An upcoming literary festival in downtown NYC.

— On my to-read list, the next novel by the Pulitzer winning author of Olive Kitteridge. An excerpt is here.


2 thoughts on “Book Bank # 12: “Harlem Shakedown”

  1. I’m still confused on the Harlem Shake situation. Twitter has said a couple of time that she wasn’t a librarian. When I first heard about it, I thought she was a grad student working at the library. The whole thing is weird – seems like someone just wanted to point the finger at anyone nearby.

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