Book Bank # 1: “A Picture’s Worth Thousands of Words”


Every day, I find great online articles about books and publishing. I post the links to Facebook, or keep it stored in my Google Reader, or bookmark it online, then when I want to request books from my library, or look at something for an article I’m writing, I can’t remember where I stored the information.

So from now on, I’m going to start posting what I read to my blog. It’ll serve as my virtual filing cabinet. Hope you also find some of this information useful.

— I’d really like to go to AWP next year in Seattle. (AWP is the largest writers conference in North America.) But I’m worried I’ll get lost in the crowds and end up crying alone in some corner.

— A stirring set of photographs of war.

— To outline, or not to outline, that is the question.

— A novel about one of my favorite photographs ever.

— A literary agent guesses at what the future holds for publishing.

— Adding this memoir to my To-Read list.

— Keeping my fingers crossed for this kind of success.

My next article about two great indie booksellers is up at ArtsATL.


2 thoughts on “Book Bank # 1: “A Picture’s Worth Thousands of Words”

  1. I’ve never heard of “Wool”, but then I don’t read sci-fi or dystopian stuff — too depressing. But that’s an amazing success story, and the serial-to-bundle on Amazon is what another self-pubbing friend of mine says is a good model. Also interesting is keeping the digital rights for himself — I’ve never heard of that, and I’m sure it’s nearly impossible to get if you’re not this guy or Nora Roberts, but it’s something to think about.

  2. I wondered as I read it, B., whether keeping the digital rights was something that an author could even do anymore. I can’t imagine that there are many publishers who would agree to give the digital rights to the authors today, particularly since digital books are such big sellers.

    Still, it’s nice to hear a success story like this one!

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