Masters of the House

QueensLast week, I officially started my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Fiction) at Queens University in Charlotte. I drove up Sunday, attended orientation and a welcome dinner, and then faculty readings later that night. On Monday, I began a week of classes, lectures, thesis readings, and workshops through this past Saturday. I returned home late Saturday night, and collapsed on the sofa in my living room.

What a whirlwind. A soul-nourishing, life-affirming, intellectually-stimulating, game-changing, whirlwind. All I can say, is that I learned far more about the craft of writing in two days at Queens than I’ve learned in my whole writing life.

I really wanted to blog about my first residency (while there), but I couldn’t. I spent my days taking in so much information my brain hurt. I spent my nights writing critique papers, and the few minutes in between hanging out with a fun, interesting, and stimulating group of people whose creative talent blew me away. During my entire 7-day residency, I took exactly one picture. I just didn’t have the time or energy to take more.

And now, while I orient myself to the “real world” again, I’m keeping mindful of my first online manuscript deadline on February 1– I’ve got just a couple of weeks before I have to turn in another chunk of manuscript pages.

I can’t wait for the next residency in May.


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