The New Normal

My daughters don’t know what happened. They haven’t a clue.

Neither do most of their friends.

They had the luxury of going off to school this morning, wondering what they’d be doing for their class Winter Parties. They had the privilege of taking a science test, playing on the playground, and coloring in worksheets. Their biggest worry today would have been whether I packed them their favorite lunches.

This is normal.

AngelThe Sandy Hook Elementary community won’t ever have a normal school day again. They will never, ever get that back.

But we can all try to give them a new normal. One where the children, teachers, and staff have the chance to be nurtured and loved and supported in their life-long recoveries. We can try to start them on the path to healing, to remembering a teeny tiny part of who they were before last Friday.

Please consider giving to the United Way Sandy Hook School Support Fund. You can write a check to:

Sandy Hook School Support Fund
c/o Newtown Savings Bank
39 Main Street, Newtown CT 06470

If you go to the website above, you can also give online with a credit card.

Who knows how much anyone in Newtown, Connecticut will be able to heal after this? Let’s at least help give them a fighting chance.


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