Only the Lonely…More thoughts on finding your tribe

I’ve written several posts about how much I love the Atlanta literary community, particularly the Atlanta Writers Club. But it’s so nice to hear other people, not from Atlanta, talk about how special our writers are here, just as author Mary Glickman did at our Saturday meeting:

In the end, I’m sure it was Southern hospitality in part, but the group seemed to like me. They laughed at all the right places, anyway, and their questions afterwards were cogent, incisive. They bought my book and chatted with me while I signed. Apparently, I was inspiring! Informative! Spot on!

And that was very nice to hear. I think I’ve come to comprehend why people join clubs. How good it is to hang with the like minded, focused on the same goal. I can see how these people help each other, support each other. And if only my thick-headed self hadn’t been a refusnik all those years, I like to think maybe these folks would have had me in their club. And that would have been a very good thing.

It took Mary forty years of writing and submitting before she finally published her first novel. And though it took her a while, I’m so glad we finally found her, and she finally found us.

Me and Dr. Black

Our second speaker was the author of one of my favorite books of the past few years, Perfect Peace, and former WHEN DO YOU WRITE? guest author, Daniel Black. Professor Black has to be one of the most engaging, insightful, and entertaining (there was even singing) speakers in all of Atlanta. He talked about the importance of dialect in dialogue to tell a story. What I wouldn’t give to sit in on one of his classes! He’s got some lucky, lucky students.


4 thoughts on “Only the Lonely…More thoughts on finding your tribe

  1. How kind you are Anjali to mention me so graciously here. And to quote me, too! And, wonder of wonders, to get it right! Are you aware how uncommon that is? I hope we stay in touch and get to see each other in the flesh again someday! Ever come to Charleston?

  2. I LOVE Charleston, Mary! If I ever get out that way again, I’ll certainly let you know. Best of luck with all of your writing!

  3. Loved catching up with your posts again!! I had belonged to a writer’s group a while back (in this area) but it doesn’t sound as fun as your group there :)…I think you might be a very special key ingredient to that bunch 😉

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