Not Quite Newsworthy

Gratuitous picture of beautiful autumn.

I’ve had a very exciting week and a half, and will have some good news to share later this week. But after the excitement, I got hit with a really bad cold, and one of my kids got strep.

Every time I get into a really good groove with my writing, either me or one of my kids get sick, and my husband ends of working all or part of the weekend so there’s never any time for me to “catch up.” I’ve got to find a way to steal time from the day no matter what goes haywire. It’s something I have yet to figure out how to master.

Tomorrow, I’ll have a fantastic WHEN DO YOU WRITE? Not only is the writer awesome, but those of you with Kindles will get to read her awesome book for free, tomorrow only. So come back here for WHEN DO YOU WRITE?


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