Today I accompanied my youngest’s Pre-Kindergarten class on a field trip to the zoo. I was in charge of five four year-olds– my own and four others.

If that sentence alone doesn’t exhaust you, nothing will. I came home afterward and collapsed. It’s only 9:20, and I can hardly keep my eyes opened.

If you think teachers get paid enough money, take a pre-K class to a large zoo. You just might change your mind. I came home and thanked God/Allah/Mother Earth/Jehovah that I’m not a teacher. I don’t know how teachers do it. Really, I don’t.


Have a wonderful weekend.


One thought on “PANDA-monium

  1. I hear you, sista! I went to my son’s Kindergarten class today to volunteer for a couple of hours and boy, was it an eye-opening experience. I’m awed by the calm, compassionate yet firm way the teachers interacted with the kids. Why aren’t we paying our teachers the wage they deserve?

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