Not Mom Enough, Not God Enough

I really appreciated this piece in The New Yorker entitled, “I’m a Mom” by Jenny Allen. It pokes fun at the momologues both Ann Romney and Michelle Obama gave during the respective conventions (Romney, more so than Obama):

Because, if you’re not a mom, you may not be a bad person, but you are an extraneous person. If there were something great about being a woman who is not a mom, something that added anything to America, if there were even one teeny-weeny example of how the non-moms hold America together the way moms do, Mrs. Romney would mention the childless gals. But she doesn’t, because there isn’t.

Though we live in a world where the work mothers and fathers do isn’t valued enough, parents certainly don’t have the patent on compassion, empathy, or high moral fiber. You don’t need to be a parent to understand sacrifice. You don’t need to be a parent to love or care about children.

I am far more concerned with how Ann Romney and Michelle Obama will care for other people’s children, than I am with how they take care of their own.

*   *   *   *    *    *

After watching last night’s episode of Parenthood, I can officially say I’m a convert. To hear matriarch Camille Braverman admit to Crosby that they don’t really have a religion, and that she’s not even sure God exists– is a wonderful thing to hear on mainstream TV. I loved her conclusion– “God is in our family.”

Non-religious, non-parents can be magnificent people. And they should have a place at the table, too.


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