System Overload

I’ve been exchanging emails over the past few weeks with fiction alumni from the graduate schools I applied to. Their enthusiasm for their MFA programs is contagious. I’m more excited than ever to go. (Hopefully, I’ll get in.)

I’m applying to low-residency programs for all the right reasons– I want to improve my craft. I have a second novel in my head, and I want to write it in an environment where I’ll receive substantial feedback. I want to read great writers I might not have come across before. I want to attend engrossing lectures. I want to make learning about writing the center of my life.

But I have a little confession to make–I also hope to spend my time in an MFA program hiding from The Industry. I’m looking forward to two years where I can put thoughts of getting published on the back burner.

I’m just worn out by even thinking about the publishing industry. I haven’t submitted anything, anywhere, for ages and I don’t miss the submission process at all. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll feel differently. Perhaps, I’ll get all fired up to get out there again.

But what I need right now is to surrender to the cocoon of my writing. And to put all thoughts of publication out of my head.


3 thoughts on “System Overload

  1. I wish I had explored my MFA program more. I had to take an online program while I was working full-time. I’m glad I did it though. There were lots of great exercises and reading I wouldn’t have otherwise explored.
    Good luck to you! I look forward to hearing about your experience at grad school. It is so fun and worth it, especially since you’re going in with the right attitude with the right reasons. 🙂

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