Miles to go

I accomplished something major in yoga today. I held Crow Pose for a good ten seconds. I’ve never done that before. Usually I can hold it for one or two seconds, but those seconds are more about mid-air momentum than actual balance, focus, and stillness in the pose. Today, I found a focal point on the floor, paid attention to my uddiyana bandhas, and flew, for real.

Soon after I got home, I set our new kayak in the Chattahoochee River and paddled for five miles. I ate lunch at a Greek restaurant, and made it home just in time to take a shower before the girls got off the bus.

It’s so very nice to have all three kids in full day school.


One thought on “Miles to go

  1. coming here after long time, waw you did 5miles kayaking. About girls growing up ,I am sure you sound relaxed and happy, at the same I am sure you are feeling nostalgic, how fast they grow .

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