Camp Hambidge Day 9

Horse country.

Yesterday, I became so frustrated with my work-in-progress, after dinner I jumped in my car, drove 1.5 hours home, grabbed a few books and other stuff to work on, spent the night at my house, and drove back to Hambidge this morning.

It had been eight days since I was last at my bright, centrally air-conditioned, mildew-free home. Had I made this trip home two or three days after starting Hambidge, I might have stayed home, what with all the bugs in my studio, the critters charging across my roof, the near-constant watch for black bears (though I haven’t seen any yet), and a darkness darker than any night Iā€™d ever experienced.

I might have crawled into my memory foam mattress at home, pulled the quilt up to my forehead, and fallen into a deep, impenetrable sleep.

But this morning, as I traversed north toward the Georgia/North Carolina border, back toward the mountains and rivers and boiled peanut stands and antique stores and flea markets, I looked forward to my return to my damp studio, its warped windows, my insect-shared habitat. I welcomed the thought of three more days in this small corner of the world, with just me, my laptop, and the mountains.

It really is something here.


4 thoughts on “Camp Hambidge Day 9

  1. Anjali, of course, I’m not crazy about the insects, but I sure would be happy sharing with all the other critters, lol. Whatever happens with your WIP, just enjoy the journey you’re taking right now – it’s something I’m sure you’ll treasure always. šŸ™‚ ~ Love, Julie xox

  2. Anjali, I’ve tagged you in my post, Work In Process Challenge – it would be wonderful if you would follow it and let everyone know what you’re working on! ~ Julie šŸ™‚

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