Camp Hambidge Day 6

Horses near Hambidge.

I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian range, in a city surrounded by mountains. While I didn’t live on a mountain myself, I ascended them often, twisting and turning on roads that wound through the monumental rock. It’s taken me many years of living in flat St. Louis, followed by flat Philadelphia, and then flat Atlanta, for me to fully appreciate the mountains.

Thankfully, they are not far from me here. A little over an hour’s drive and I’m approaching them, first green rolling hills, then sharper peaks so high I can’t make out where one range ends and the next begins.

Glen Falls, Highlands, NC.

My story has begun unraveling, surprising me with its twists and turns, its sharp edges, its seemingly endless distance– in these mountains.

Whispering to me the novel I must write.


2 thoughts on “Camp Hambidge Day 6

  1. You sound so inspired, Anjali! The mountains do that to me, too – and when I move to British Columbia at the beginning of October, I will be back in the place that makes my heart sing; where I am most inspired. I love that you are enjoying this time so much! ~ Julie xox

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