Camp Hambidge Day 3

Chamomile tea on the front porch at Lucinda’s Rock House.

At Hambidge, with no cell phone reception, no television, and little opportunity for internet access, I am able to experience, fully, the sounds of silence.

It’s so quiet in my studio (the only sounds inside are the ticking of the clock), I can hear every new insect making an appearance. I can listen to the conversations of the critters inhabiting these 600 acres. I can hear myself thinking.


At home, my cell phone hugs my body. My laptop’s screen is open to email, Facebook, blogs, and online articles.

What’s happened since I’ve (mostly) disconnected? Has my absence from the virtual world changed anything?

No. In fact, I feel like I’m more present than ever.


4 thoughts on “Camp Hambidge Day 3

  1. I love silence. I love music too, and television, and listening to the sounds of nature – but sometimes, silence is like being given a precious gift. It makes me very aware of being in the moment. (I really enjoyed reading that link, too – thank you!) 🙂

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