Camp Hambidge Day 2

I pinned this quote to my bulletin board this morning. It’s alongside other quotes pinned by past Foxfire residents.

Ernest Heminway’s A Moveable Feast (the copy I purchased at Shakespeare & Company in Paris) greeted me from the night stand as I rolled out of bed this morning. I read it for about an hour, then picked up Yasmin Khan’s The Great Partition, my primary research text for my novel, Finding Ohm.

This quote was framed and sitting on my fireplace mantel.

I sometimes wonder whether I have any business writing a book that is partially about The Partition, when there are so many wonderful masterpieces (both prose and poetry) about it. Surely, I can’t offer a different, equally compelling point of view.

But I suppose, though roughly half of my novel takes place in Dehli in 1947, it’s not really about The Partition. It’s about how a fractured identity hampers one’s ability to lead a full, peaceful, joyous life. How understanding the stories of one’s ancestors, help a person to cope with present day dilemmas, and resolve them in a healthier, happier way.

A reconfigured character web of Finding Ohm. The whole plot is there, I just have to write it out.

What can a person learn about her family’s past, to help her strive for a better future? This is what I really want to convey in Finding Ohm. This is what I’ve been spending most of my time so far at Hambidge, considering.

A really cool mushroom I found on my walk yesterday.


5 thoughts on “Camp Hambidge Day 2

  1. What a great theme you have for your new book! I am fascinated by how authors approach their work, so thank you for sharing your process. And that Flannery O’Connor quote is fabulous 🙂

  2. Thank you, Robin. It’s still in the very, very early stages (I’m only outlining and researching at this point), but I hope, someday, to have it done!

  3. Anjali, I love the premise for your book! It sounds like your time at Camp Hambidge is good for you! Enjoy the process. 🙂

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