Rocket Science

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8 year-old almost reaches the top.

It’s officially that time of summer where I’m ready for the kids to go back to school. They’ve been home with me, almost 24-hours a day, for two months now.

But there’s still one more month left before they go back.

I’ve done my best to keep them at least a little bit busy. The girls spend roughly 5-10 minutes a day doing each of the following: writing, math, and piano practicing. They’ve read and drawn a ton. They’ve come up with, totally on their own, a gazillion different crafts. They’ve gone to Europe, they’ve hiked to two different waterfalls in Georgia. They swim at least five times a week. They’ve even tried rock-climbing.

Sunday night we shot off three rockets that they’d built over the summer. (Please ignore my incredibly nasal voice talking about the weather in Europe. I could not figure out how to edit that part out of the video.)

Really, my kids don’t need a whole ‘nother month off school.


8 thoughts on “Rocket Science

  1. I have been reading along and enjoying your posts. I don’t always have time to read and comment. My kids are adults now, so they aren’t home from school for the summer, but I do remember the sentiments you expressed. It’s only one more month…hang in there! I am sure they will have great memories of these times you spend together 🙂

  2. Hi – leaving a comment – just because – wordpress has been making you log in to wordpress which kind of sucks (IMHO) – so that’s maybe the problem? that is, though, across the wordpress universe – not just you.

  3. I enjoy reading your blogs. You remind me so much of my daughter (in your writing style). She is going to graduate from high school next year.

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