Water World

In past 7 days, I have both kayaked and tubed for the first time in my life. Memorial Day weekend, we rented a house on a cove off the Narragansett Bay and after spending one day staring at the two kayaks tied up to our dock, we threw caution to the wind, put on the lifejackets, and got in.

Yesterday, we drove up with 5 other families to Helen, Georgia, hiked to Anna Ruby Falls, then tubed down the Chattahoochee River.

In my 38 years, I have never done water sports. I think I’ve canoed once in my life, but I don’t even recall when that might have been. I’ve never jet skied or water skied. I’ve never used a boogie board. I snorkled once, on my honeymoon in Hawaii, but only because I could touch the ground with my fingertips. Despite growing up by a river, I’ve been on a boat maybe once or twice. And despite being so close, I’ve never gone whitewater rafting.

A big part of this is because I don’t swim. I learned when I was a kid, and though I can still float, I really don’t swim at all. But in the next year or so, when two of my three kids are finished with swimming lessons, I’m going to sign myself up. Because– wow– being in the water is a wonderful thing. I’ve never had so much fun.

The sun setting over our cove in Rhode Island.


5 thoughts on “Water World

  1. Aww… that’s wonderful to hear! It’s never too late to start. As a lover of all things water (though I wish I did more water activities, I really don’t), I’m glad you found out how lovely being in the water feels/is!

  2. Fun. I love being on the water. And in the water. I’m an okay swimmer, but I don’t swim well enough to swim laps…which I know would be a good thing to do. Maybe I’ll sign up for lessons…

  3. I’m hoping to do more water things in the near future! We have such long summers here. There’s plenty of time to fit it in!

  4. oh I do so love the water!!!!! It is my favorite place to be. Good for you to learn to swim– my hubby doesn’t swim, because when he was young- he got sick and then a medium in the village he stayed in told him that it was because he had played in water & to appease the spirits he must not swim— as a result he never learned to swim. Now that he is older and of course knows that is not true- etc etc- he feels he is too old to learn- but I’m going to tell him that you are signing yourself up to learn- it is NEVER too old to learn!! Only problem is- he can’t float- SERIOUSLY- I’ve tried to teach him and others have to- his body just sinks right to the bottom!! ha ha!!

  5. I’ve been told it’s never too late to learn how to swim, Connie. And for my sake (and your husband’s) I hope it’s true!

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