Summer Writing Prompts for Kids & More!

Today’s post is just little old me, dumping out a whole lot of information I’ve been meaning to blog about. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve started several new online writing projects (more details below) at roughly the same time school got out. So I’m ironing out the details, and trying to figure out the best times of day for me to write (when kids are sleeping, when kids aren’t killing each other).

1.) Every weekday morning, I stick a post-it note on my dining room table with a writing prompt for the kids and ask them to spend 10 minutes answering the question. The purpose of these writing prompts is twofold: a.) If the kids have a writing prompt every morning, they’re far likely to ask me if they can turn on the television. b.) There’s more time for creative thinking in the summer. I plan to take full advantage.

I started posting these writing prompts to Facebook, but to keep them organized, I’ve now got a board on Pinterest. Feel free to share these prompts with the children in your life. But don’t put pressure on them. Not everyone can be creative every day. If they can write only 2 minutes one morning, so be it. Let them pick out the writing prompt they want to use. Or, better yet, allow them to come up with their own writing prompts. If they’re not creative first thing in the morning, have them write at night. And please don’t use this time to correct their grammar, spelling, etc. (they had enough of that during the school year). Instead, use these writing exercises to encourage their creativity by writing your own questions or thoughts in the margins so that the next morning they can read what you wrote and feel proud of their work!

Many of you have kids who are too young to write, but that’s OK, too. My 4 year-old is verbally answering the questions, and then having me help her spell out the key words in her answer. (For the “countries” question, she said she wanted to go to Chad, because that’s where her favorite picture book, Rain School, takes place. So I helped her find Chad on our globe and she copied out the letters.)

Each of my kids has their own composition book for their writing prompt answers, but any old notebook will do. At the end of the summer, they’ll have a book full of writing they can re-read and reflect on.

*** If any of you would like to share some of your kids’ answers, email them to me at shestarteditATgmailDOTcom. I’d love to post excerpts of answers to the blog!

2.) This ole blog continues its evolution. I’ve got a new tab at the top called “Writer Resources.” These are some of my favorite writing websites for writers. You’ll find sites about the craft of writing, the publishing industry, and creativity.

3.) I’m having a great time with WHEN DO YOU WRITE! Are you? This page lists all of my lovely guest posters! And I’ve got the entire month of JUNE completely booked– be sure to stop by on Tuesdays and Thursdays to find out when your favorite writers make time time write!

4.) You have only one more day to enter the WHERE DO YOU WRITE photo contest! The winner gets a $20 gift card! For details, check here.

That’s all for now. I’ve promised myself that the final round of edits on my novel, Secrets of the Sari Chest, will be complete in the next TWO WEEKS. So if you see me sitting aimlessly at the pool or pigging out on ice cream with the kids at the local Cold Stone Creamery, please remind me that I really should be finishing up my edits.

Happy Writing!


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