WHEN DO YOU WRITE? gets a sibling!

When we began looking for a house five years ago, I was adamant about finding one without a formal dining room. I thought formal dining rooms were a waste of space.

We ended up with a great house that met all our needs, and a formal dining room.

When we have big parties a few times a year, it certainly gets its use. But the formal dining room has served a far more important purpose the past few years.

The formal dining room is where I write. It sits between the main foyer of the house, and the kitchen. Behind me is the family room, on the other side of the foyer is the office, which is where I’m supposed to write.

But it’s the dining room, with its enormous oak table (I love the background of my blog template because it looks just like my table) where I keep myself planted day after day. The room is filled with bright, natural light, and there’s a view of the tall grasses and a pond across the street. I can hear the woodpecker pecking and watch the deer and geese that walk around the neighborhood as if they own it. I can see the kids playing basketball or hopscotch on the driveway.

I drink my iced chai every morning in a huge clear plastic cup. (It’s my only caffeine for the day, so I make it count.) Most of the paper in the photo is my manuscript, which I’m currently line editing. The brand new composition books and pencils are my children’s. Now that they are out of school, they’ll be writing alongside me with writing prompts every morning.

I love where I write. I’ve written a non-fiction proposal, two picture books, several essays, and now a novel in this very spot. I am never at a loss for words in this sacred space. I hope the creativity here continues to flow.

So with this photograph, where my fingers tap the keyboard for several hours a day (and night), I introduce a new feature for this blog:


I’ll be posting photos of WHERE my dear readers, write!

You can send me pictures of you writing, or just the space where you write. Or, you can take a photo of your view from where you write (front porch, watching a neighbor walk the dog, or at work, staring at the copy machine). Or, you can focus on one item nearby (a cup of coffee, a beautiful vase, a bag of potato chips.).

The photos don’t have to be exotic. I just want to see your writing environment.

So…Wanna show off WHERE YOU WRITE?

Email me your submission to the address shestarteditATgmailDOTcom:

1.) In the subject of the email, write SUBMISSION: Where Do You Write?

2.) Paste your photo as a jpeg file in the body of the email.

2.) Include the following information: YOUR NAME (or you can be anonymous if you like), THE PLACE (i.e. coffee shop, car wash), YOUR GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION (city, state, country) and THE TIME you took the photo. If you have a website or blog, I’m happy to include that link.

Here’s the BIG NEWS

On May 31, I will award a $20 GIFT CARD to my favorite photo! Since there are less than two weeks left until the end of the month, you have a GREAT CHANCE OF WINNING!!! And if I get enough entries, I’ll hold this contest EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

PLEASE send me your photos ASAP! I will post them on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

And don’t forget to come back here tomorrow for WHEN DO YOU WRITE? Our next guest writer can’t get enough of a certain root vegetable!


One thought on “WHEN DO YOU WRITE? gets a sibling!

  1. okay- I’m going to try to get a picture off to you- enjoyed the one from England- my ‘view’ won’t be an outside window- although I wish it were- It is a very messy desk :)– Once I get the picture taken I’ll send it to you.

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