The second shift

My gym is losing two gifted yoga teachers. And while I wish them both the absolute best in their new paths, I admit it’s thrown me for a loop.

Really great yoga teachers don’t just teach you the asanas or poses. They teach you how to be a better you. They are your counselors, your friends, and your mentors. Finding a good yoga class often means finding a teacher you feel you can connect with on some visceral level.

So shifting to a new class– to a new teacher– can be scary. It can leave you feeling unbalanced.

What I have to remind myself of periodically (and not just when it comes to yoga), is that shifts and transitions are a natural, normal, and healthy part of the life cycle. And that embracing the shift, instead of hiding from it, will often lead to a great outcome.

“Shift happens,” our beloved yin yoga teacher consoled us in her goodbye to the class.

Indeed. It does.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Speaking of shifting, tomorrow my blog shifts from me talking about my own writing, to other writers talking about theirs. It’s my first in the new WHEN DO YOU WRITE? series!

Please join me tomorrow to welcome our first writer, Soniah Kamal!


One thought on “The second shift

  1. looking forward to the shift- hey are you joining the 2012 blogathon with Michelle Rafter at Word Count? You still have time to register!!!

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