A bit of blog news…

I should probably start this post with one of my daughter’s dragon drawings, since posts featuring her fantasy artwork always generate the most hits. (Or, I suppose I could have crafted a title with the words “50 Shades” in it.) But since this post is neither about dragons nor erotica, I’m going to just make my point.

Starting next week, I’m beginning a new series on this blog where I ask writers to answer one question:


I’ll feature a different writer every Tuesday and Thursday. Some of these writers are friends of mine– people who have supported me in my own pursuit of words, others are best-selling authors, some qualify as both.

My hope, is that by reading these entries, other writers will feel supported and encouraged to make the time necessary to sit down and just write.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that last night I had the privilege of attending The Townsend Award for Fiction, an award given every two years to the best Georgia author. This year’s venue was the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

The last award in 2012 was given to Kathryn Stockett for The Help. This year’s award went to Thomas Mullen, for his novel, The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers.

Here’s a picture of me with Thomas and my friend Soniah (she’s on the left). Soniah will be the first guest blogger next week to answer the question…


Please stop by to hear what Soniah has to say!

2012 Townsend award winner Thomas Mullen with When Do You Write debut writer Soniah Kamal!



5 thoughts on “A bit of blog news…

  1. Looking forward to your new addition to your blog posts!! Love the picture!!!

    Are you joining the 2012 blogathon for May? I do hope so!!!

  2. Don’t think I’ll be joining in May, Connie. But I’ll keep it in mind for the future! Looking forward to your posts!

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