Walks with Friends

ImageI have a date most nights of the week with my wonderful neighbors. Around 8:00 PM, we meet outside with our walking shoes and work-out clothes, and do a 45 minute walk through the neighborhood, by the elementary school, through a park, around a track, by the middle school, then back. I’m still doing yoga three times a week, but now that most of the pollen has cleared, and the weather is beautiful, I’m really enjoying these evenings in addition to yoga at the gym.

I’ve spent most my 38 and a half years doing virtually no physical activity. Aside from 1 season playing softball as a 2nd grader, 2 years of Tae Kwon Do during my adolescence, and years of much dreaded Physical Education, I never played sports, and did no exercise until my late twenties.

In fact, I hated exercise.

From my late twenties through my mid-thirties, I tried an occasional exercise class, but I never lasted more than 4 months. As a younger mother, I almost never walked outside. I’d take the kids to the playground, or play in the backyard with them, but I almost never pushed the stroller around the block.

I’m coming up on 2 straight years of regular exercise. This June, I think, is my exerci-versary. As I approach 40, I am in the best shape of my life. I’m flexible and strong. I enjoy physically challenging myself. I look forward yoga classes, and vigorous nighttime walks.

I will never run a 5K. I won’t ever accompany you in a hike up the side of the mountain. I won’t swim laps at the pool or join your tennis league.

But after the kids have left for school, I’ll fill up my water bottle, toss my yoga mat in the back of the car, and get to the studio early, way before class starts, just so I can get a head start on my stretches. And when the sun goes down, I’ll assemble with my friends under the glowing street lights to walk in the glow of the moon.


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