Back to the 80s

I’m back up to 80K words in my nearly totally rewrite of my novel. The novel I thought I had “finished.”

I’m so relieved, not because it’s done (because it’s not) but because when when I initially cut out 100 pages and 2 characters, I wondered whether I’d have enough “stuff” for a novel-size book to begin with. But here it is– 80K words and change. It’s novel-length, indeed. 

I’m trying not to think about how little sleep I’ve gotten in order to do this over the past– what?– three to four weeks. Instead, I’m focusing on my self-imposed deadline at the end of the month to have all the major revisions finished so I can get it critiqued for feedback. And after I’ve handed it off for critiquing, I know I’ll get a 1-2 week break before I get it returned with a gazillion red marks again. The good news is, the 1-2 week writing break will take place over my kids’ Spring Break. Yea, for good timing!

I’ll be back here again, soon. I hope.





5 thoughts on “Back to the 80s

  1. Good luck, but do get some rest. You’re no good to your writing or to yourself if you’re so tired you can’t think.
    Do you have a publisher? I can’t wait to see the final work.


  2. No publisher or agent…Hoping to actively start querying agents again after the rewrite is finished!

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, Bonnie!

  3. While I’m super excited for you, I feel horribly misled. I totally expected this post to have been about hair bands so now I would like another, please. That is all.
    PS: *in a whiny voice like #2*I wanna reaaaaaad iiiiiiiiit*end whine*

  4. Wow, you are making awesome progress – congrats! I know it’s painful, but your novel will be so much better because of it. Now if I could just convince myself to get started. 😦

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