Paper Chase

Our latest purchases...

Whenever I go to Barnes & Noble, I walk back to their bargain section, and pick up an armful of journals and sketchpads. The good people at B & N have been selling high quality sketch pads (thick paper, tough as nails covers and backs, and sturdy wire bindings) and beautiful lined journals for $4.98 (small size) and $6.97 (large size)– for years. We have them all over our house. Each child has a small sketch pad, a large sketch pad, and a small journal at all times. They sit on our coffee table, in our craft cabinet, and on nightstands for writing or drawing before bed. The smaller sized journals/sketch pads travel with us on every road trip. (Though they’re a little on the heavy side, we even took them to India.) We even take them to art galleries where all three kids sketch out their favorite art work.

3 year-old sketches at the High Museum of Art

My 10 year-old is an avid short story writer, but also loves to draw animals.

10 year-old likes to write stories about older Harry Potter characters when they were kids. This one is about Lilly Potter as a child.

My 7 year-old writes short stories and comic strips, and also draws.

"Le Artist" by my 7 year-old. I didnt know she spoke French.

My 3 year-old can just now write some words, so she’s finally getting the chance to write in her journal. But she also sketches quite a lot, too.


2 thoughts on “Paper Chase

  1. I, too, pick up both writing and sketching journals constantly – I’m a sucker for a pretty cover, lol – and have them in practically every room in my home, plus smaller ones in my purses. I also buy pens and pencils in bulk to place with them. There’s nothing worse than finding out you don’t even have a pen to write with when an idea strikes and you’re sitting in the parking lot at the grocery store. Nice post, I enjoyed reading this. ~ Julie 🙂

  2. I love journals and sketch pads also- they are nestled in every conceivable corner of my home- Wow- it is great that you’ve got your children writing and drawing in them. What a gift this will be as they get older- to look back on the saved memories.

    Wonderful post!

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