Unfair sentencing

I spent part of the weekend thinking about my next novel– how I want it to flow, how I want it to end. My timeline is getting more complicated. I have highlighted all the parts of the timeline that are back-story. The main part of the book is in regular font which takes place in present day. It’s helping me see more clearly how to weave present into past in a novel that encompasses several decades. Though the main plot takes place in present-day Atlanta, a crucial part of the back-story occurs in New Dehli in 1947 during the partition of India. My timeline is already making me feel that the novel is more manageable, even though I have yet to really start writing it.

I really loved this piece about long sentences. My sentences tend to be really long, and I’d love it if the long sentence came back into style. I hate breaking up the description of a single moment with a period for the sake of having a shorter sentence. When I edit, I read my writing aloud, and the long sentence helps me connect thoughts in a way that is fluid, gentle, and builds suspense.

I loved this line in the essay:

What we crave is something that will free us from the overcrowded moment and allow us to see it in a larger light. No writer can compete, for speed and urgency, with texts or CNN news flashes or RSS feeds, but any writer can try to give us the depth, the nuances — the “gaps,” as Annie Dillard calls them — that don’t show up on many screens. Not everyone wants to be reduced to a sound bite or a bumper sticker.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Did you just love Downton Abbey last night? Oh, how I wish every episode were two hours! Next week is too far away…


2 thoughts on “Unfair sentencing

  1. I do love longer sentences and have to discipline myself to not just keep going. :)…glad to see you are getting the novel into a manageable mode.

    As for Downton Abbey – has it begun again??? Which channel?? Oh my- I want to see the season two!!

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