Catching the Bug

My December Bug is finally weakening after starting a second round of antibiotics. Whew. I’ve been spending the past few days catching up on very mundane things. So I’m hoping to get in at least one yoga class this week, and perhaps some writing on the new novel. Oh yeah, and then there’s Christmas to think about…

Speaking of Bugs, my 10-year old has one, too. It’s called the Acting Bug, and she has it really bad. Today, after her third performance of Willy Wonka, Jr. (where she played Mike Teevee), she came home and declared, “There’s nothing I like more than being on stage. I want to be there ALL the time, Mom.”

I remember that feeling, because I spent most of my childhood wanting to be on the stage, too. Here’s hoping she has many years of the spotlight in her future.

*  *  *  *  *  *

This Christmas will look very, very different than last Christmas.

Last Christmas, we had so many people staying in our house for the holidays, I had to sleep on the floor of my toddler’s room, and my 7-year old slept in a closet. This year, it’s just the five of us. It will be calm, and quiet, and a Silent Night, indeed. While I love having a crowd of people eating and hanging out over the holidays, I’m looking forward to a holiday where I can reconnect with the lovely people who share my every meal.


One thought on “Catching the Bug

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better and excited for your daughter and her “acting bug.” On the day I met her (only day I saw her, I think) she was part of a small performance (something to do with Saint Patrick) with Lauren’s sons. By the end of the week we’ll be in Florida where my in-laws rented a house for the whole family. I’m sure it’ll be nice, but also exhausting… sigh. 😉 Last year we had a pretty quiet Christmas, with only our good friends from Michigan for a week and my BIL’s family for a day. I hope you guys have a lovely time together! It feels good to spend time just with our kids & husband, doesn’t it?

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