What wears me out about the holidays, are rarely ever the holidays themselves. Christmas shopping here is mild and completed online. Some cards are sent out. It’s really no more effort in our household than a trip to the grocery store.

I am worn out because I’m on Day 8 of the VIRUS THAT WON’T QUIT. I’m worn out because my kids have only had five days off from school since the second week of August, and don’t start WInter Break until NEXT Thursday.

I’m already worn out from querying agents, even though I’ve only queried 25. I’m worn out from the stress of wondering whether an agent will want my novel, even though I’m barely 3 weeks into the process. I’m worn out from the mere thought of writing this new novel.

*  *  *  *  *

I wrote a post last year about some of my favorite charities, but this year I want to add two more. Cookies for Kids Cancer works to find new and improved therapies for pediatric cancer. I’ve directed my funds to the Band of Parents Neuroblastoma Fund, in memory of a very special little girl. I’m also giving to Beauty Bus, a wonderful organization started by a college friend, which provides pampering services (manicures, hair cuts, make-up) to the terminally ill and their caregivers. If you have money to spare, please consider these two very special charities this year.


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