Letters 2.0


So thanks to all the visitors for my last post. I guess if I want my post views to go through the roof, I should have my 7-year old write letters to Santa more often?

Speaking of letters, I find myself becoming more and more of a Scrooge with respect to Christmas letters the older I get. Each year, I order less cards, despite the fact that more come in the mail. At my all time high, I mailed out 80 Christmas cards with 80 letters about our past year (These letters were “joke” letters that I’d spend weeks putting together). I used to keep everyone’s address updated in a Word File. I used to print out labels with addresses.

This year, again, there will be no letter. And I only ordered 40 cards, an all time low. And this year, instead of mailing them out to our closest family members and friends, it’s first come first serve. Whoever sends a card, gets a card, until all 40 are gone. (Though Grandparents, as always, get first dibs.) The first one is going out tomorrow– so 39 left, people. You want a card? Send yours first. But if your address isn’t on the outside for me to immediately copy onto my own envelope to you, you won’t get a card from us. Because I’m too lazy to even look up addresses this year.

Sound cranky? Counter to the holiday spirit? Well, folks, it’s a Bah Humbug Christmas Card Year.

*  *  *  *  *  *

How could I not get inspiration looking at this?

Saturday, I officially started my next novel. (The protagonist came to me while I was standing at the Taj Mahal.) I wrote 2 pages in the afternoon, 2 yesterday, and 2 today, and plan on writing 2 pages a day, every single day, until the novel is finished. It’s exactly how I wrote my last novel. By my calculations, I’ll have 300ish pages by late spring, then spend the summer and fall revising/editing– putting me on a schedule similar to the one I’m on now.  This 2-pages-a-day method, though, is probably not going to go nearly as smoothly this time around, as I have virtually no idea what happens in the middle of the novel. In fact, the other day I sat around for four hours thinking of 2 pages to write.

But I’m just going to chug along the old fashioned way– writing, writing, writing, with no looking back, no revising, no editing– until I’ve completed the entire first draft.

And though I don’t have any clue, really, what this novel’s plot is, or where the story will go, I have one distinct advantage this time around that I didn’t have for my first novel– I know I can do it. I’ve written a novel once before.

I now know I can do it again. Right?


(Loved the article from this month’s Writers Digest entitled “Navigate Your Novel.” I think I might try mapping out this novel while I’m still in the early stages. Sounds way better than outlining or just writing blindly with nowhere to go)


5 thoughts on “Letters 2.0

  1. Okay, screw Christmas Spirit, can I have a (Christmas) card for my Birthday?! I’ve been so deprived the last few years, please? Or do I have to write to Santa to make it happen?

  2. Got your card today, woohoo!! Any chance of a commission for taking one of those photos? 😉
    Miss you all terribly much ❤

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