All She Wants for Christmas…

Thanksgiving morning, while I was hanging up some clothes in my 7 year-old’s room, I found a piece of paper on the floor.

It was her letter to Santa. She won’t get what she wants this year, but she sure has made a good case for it.

Check this out.

First-- Get Santa on your good side with a riddle. "Who has a white beard who gives out presents? He is Santa!"

Next, ask the impossible. She wants to grow turquoise dragon wings on her back so she can fly. The last line says, "Come on, Santa. I believe in you. I want to show everybody you're real."

When all else fails, repent. "I am sorry for all the bad choices I have made."

Finally--The Guilt Trip. "Come on, you can do this you make the hole world a better place."


3 thoughts on “All She Wants for Christmas…

  1. I’ve wanted to be able to fly — without an airplane — since I was about 7, too. I remember standing on my front porch and jumping off (it wasn’t very high) and wishing that instead of hitting the ground, I could just take off and soar into the sky.

    I’m with your daughter. C’mon, Santa! Give!

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