Getting High at the High Museum of Art

Georgia in the fall is exquisite. Stepping outside is like stepping into the painting. It’s mid-November now, and this gorgeous landscape isn’t going to last forever. If I’m not outside, I’m working at the dining room table with the blinds open, so I can watch the leaves in their metamorphosis.

Speaking of paintings, we spent the afternoon at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta at the Picasso to Warhol exhibit. Two of my favorite artists are Picasso and Matisse, and I certainly got my fill. The exhibit is fantastic. If you live in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend it.

Some of the highlights:

My 3-year old on the floor before Picasso's Girl before a Mirror. She's drawing her interpretation with crayons and her sketch pad.

My daughters contemplating Picasso's "The Kitchen"

Jackson Pollock is one of their favorites.

I like to call this one, "Ode to processed foods." (Warhol)

One of my favorites-- "Dance," Matisse.

Life, imitating (Picasso) art.


2 thoughts on “Getting High at the High Museum of Art

  1. What an exquisite post…I can’t imagine how beautiful it must be there- I know it is gorgeous here in the Northwest, at this time of year. Your pics of your Museum of Art visit- loved the pics of your girls mesmerized by the experience…what a great exposure for them.

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