Taking care of business?

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My revisions have been my life for the last several weeks. Every spare second I have, I run to the dining room to write.

In the meantime, I’ve let things go at home. Big time. My to-do list is so long, I won’t actually write it down because I don’t want to know how many things are on it. Also, I’m not looking at my calendar very often, which means I’ve dropped the ball. The other day, when I forgot to show up to a kid’s class to volunteer, I decided that I had to get my head out of my novel to just “catch up” with things.

A couple of days ago, I finally locked in a rate so we could again (even though I said I’d never do it again) refinance our mortgage. I’m going to make a mammogram appointment and finally get myself some life insurance. I finally RSVP’ed to a couple of birthday parties, and planned out my daughter’s party which is…next week. I’ve put a call in to address the loud moaning sound in the wall whenever we turn on the shower faucet in one of our bathrooms. I haven’t had the right groceries, because I never seem to remember to make a list for the grocery store– but tomorrow when I go, I’ll have a list in hand.

I’m a Type A person, slightly OCD, so this has been a very different way for me to live– to be late, behind, disorganized, to let people down. But it’s been liberating, too. And next week? My revisions will be done. My book will be ready to show an agent.

Sometimes, you have to let the rest of life slide just a little bit to follow a dream.


3 thoughts on “Taking care of business?

  1. yes… follow the dream.

    as for my life, it’s always sliding who knows where. and the worst part is that it’s not for a dream… just little silly things here & there… šŸ˜¦

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