A Touch of Class

A book that's helped me with revisions

I have made it through another set of revisions for my novel. After this round, I finally think it’s a “good” book. The glass half-full part of me feels this might even sell to someone someday. (Though the book still needs work, so I’m trying not to fantasize about such things.) I spent a lot of time this revision developing character, fixing scenes where I unintentionally had multiple points of view. I reworked all of the dialogue so it flowed more smoothly, naturally. I also spent more time weaving threads through the plot.

I deleted a character, and made my main character far more interesting. I’ve done a better job of making some of the more minor characters’ flaws more believable. I’ve made a secondary character more complex, more present in the novel. I made a funny character, funnier.

This next revision, which I’ll start tomorrow (no rest for the weary), I’m going to focus on one more incomplete plot-thread, and then really tear apart the short story that’s within the novel.

*  *  *  *  *

I’m surprised I’ve hardly ever mentioned my Tuesday night writing class. Tonight is our fourth class. It’s great fun. There are 11 of us, and we couldn’t be more different. After we read a new chapter to the class, then our teacher, the wonderful Jedwin Smith, takes our pages home, writes his notes, and we get his feedback the following week. I’m learning a lot from his notes, and a lot from the other writers. And even though the group is laid back, and supportive, they’re not afraid to tell you your stuff is shit.

It’s more than worth my time.


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