Tour de Summer

For the first time, in years perhaps, I’ve been enjoying lazy summer mornings with my girls. I’ve been waking up around 7:30 (the time my husband goes off to work) and, well, lying in bed with a good book or magazine to start my day. My 3-year old– who for first half of the summer woke up super early, terrorized her still sleeping sisters, trashed her room, climbed furniture– her shrill, hyped up voice our home’s morning rooster– has started sleeping in until 8 or 8:30. And when she does wake up, she has been quietly coming downstairs on her own.

Even if I’m not downstairs yet.

Oh, the pure joy and liberation of toddler evolution!

The past several mornings at our home have begun with the Tour de France. My 3-year old joins me first to inquire whether they’re going to wipe the water off the screen (on the rainy days, she finds it hysterical when the camera people have to wipe the drops of water of the lens with a handkerchief) or whether she missed a crash (there have been several). The other two girls meander down the stairs around 9:30. After an hour or so, we turn off the TV and have a lazy breakfast.

None of us are dressed before 11.

After an amazing though hectic trip to India, these slow, unscheduled days are the icing on the cake of a wonderful summer.


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