Blood is thicker than water and also really, really fun

My cousin, who moved down here a month and a half ago, moved the rest of his family down on Sunday– his awesome wife and their two totally cool kids. Thus, I have a cousin here and my kids now have cousins here.

It’s been non-stop partying, people.

When she was leaving the house today, my 5-year old cousin asked, “Can we do this again tomorrow?” In less than a week, we’ve shared more meals than I can count. We’ve been bouncing back and forth from their apartment to our house. We’ve consumed copious amounts of sugar (one day at the cupcake store, the next day ice cream at home). It could be a sugar-high that has us laughing hysterically at each other’s jokes, or the fireworks we shot off this evening, or the endless hours of imaginative play, or the never-ending chai boiled in the pot on the stove. But I suspect it’s a cousin-high– that special kind of exhileration that for the past couple decades in my life I’ve experienced only in little bits and pieces, rushed through during holidays, after long airline flights.

Perhaps after school starts again, when we’re back to getting up early and homework, the cousin-moon will end. But I’m savoring every minute until then, this unbelievable reunion with my cousin who I barely got to see while growing up because he lived in India, who then moved to the northeast, took a job in the midwest, had a family, and then relocated to Atlanta.

It’s the best kind of summer there is.


4 thoughts on “Blood is thicker than water and also really, really fun

  1. And now you’re making me cry. Seriously. I have many cousins whom I love very dearly. There’s one in particular to whom I feel closer than I feel to my brother (we’re the same age, he’s actually 4 months younger, we were classmates for 5 years, all through middle school and high school), oh, I love him so. Oh, how I wish I could live close to a cousin or another family member. I cannot complain, though, because for 7 years we’ve lived only 2+ hours away from my brother-in-law and his family, but still… I’m deliriously jealous right now. Enjoy your cousin-moon! May it last for years and years. 😉

  2. Oh, I know the feeling, Lilian. I had a host of cousins who I had not seen in almost 20 years until our trip to India. I saw them only a few times as a child, but I always felt so bonded and connected to them.

    I’m so, so lucky that one of those cousins is here, now.

  3. Unfortunately, you did your internship here about 6 months too soon. Nevermind, I’m plotting to get you here again…

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