Plane of thought

We sit in easy seated pose, practicing our ouija breathing. “Breathe in,” my yoga teacher says.

Pack antibiotics. Pack anti-nausea meds. Buy anti diaheria meds. Pack snacks for plane. Pack crackers for hotel room. Pack gifts for aunts and uncles. Get travelers checks.

“Breathe out.”

Stop mail. Notify credit card companies that we’ll be using our cards abroad. Collect borrowed Indian clothes from neighbors. Thank neighbors. Get pencils/paper for trip. Pack juice boxes. Pack individual mac and cheese servings if kids get sick of Indian food. Pack allergy meds, ibuprofen, thermometer, nail clippers, plug adapters.

“Breathe in.”

Don’t drink the water unless it comes from a sealed water bottle. Don’t drink the water even if it does come from a sealed water bottle. Only drink sodas and juices from boxes. Don’t drink milk or yogurt. Milk and yogurt are fine. Don’t eat sambar with your food. Sambar is safe, eat it with your food. Boil everything you drink. Don’t need to boil everything if it’s from a box, bottle or can.

“Breathe out.”

Pick up clothes from dry cleaning. Get haircut. Get pedicure. Get daughters to try on all borrowed clothes. Find hats for girls for 112 degree temps. Pack sunscreen for hot, hot sun. Pack mosquito repellant for mosquitoes the size of butterflies. Don’t sleep on the plane on the way there, it’ll make jet lag worse. Do sleep as much as you can on the plane. Don’t buy food off the street, even if you’re starving. The food in the hotel will be safe to eat. The food in the hotel is not safe unless you tell them to boil everything.

“Breathe in.”
Get first grader to write thank you notes for birthday party. Get food for first grade class party. Get food for third grade class party. Get food for preschool party. Figure out how to be at 3rd grade party and preschool party at the exact same time.

“Breathe out.”

Get kids to last swim lesson. Cancel horseback riding lesson. Give cousin key to house, code to alarm. Get last immunization shots. Keep writing novel until leave for airport.



10 thoughts on “Plane of thought

  1. Looks like you have had too many pieces of conflicting advice (I plead guilty as one of the perpetrators!). The thing to do then is to ignore it all and go with common sense and your instinct.

    Did I mention if a snake charmer comes to you with his performing cobra, don’t try to pat the snake on the head.

  2. Oh dear… your post is a PERFECT reminder as to why I LOATHE the days before a big trip. Yikes! I’m glad our next big trip is over a year from now.

    I hope everything goes well!

  3. Good luck & bon voyage! I hope you’re planning on posting loooooooots of pictures. šŸ™‚

    (Also, have you tried evernote? It’s really good for calming these sorts of momly ruminations.)

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