If I had a degree in forensic science, maybe I could figure out which of my three kids made this bite mark.

You didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you: the single best toy my kids ever had were these foam blocks. From infancy to tweenhood, they are the most used toy through every development stage. My oldest got them as an infant, when she could do nothing more than pick them up and chew on them (the blocks are AWESOME for teething babies). They lasted through toddlerhood, and were much preferred by both baby (when little fingers couldn’t quite snap even the bigger sized legos together, and when wooden blocks fell hard on tiny toes) and mommy (who had a very content baby). But my kids’ interest in the blocks continued through the preschool years, too. Even my elementary age kids still love them. The 6-year old makes castles for her dragons, the 9-year old makes barns for her horses. When they’re feeling violent, the blocks catapult off the balcony as grenades (and since they’re so light and foamy, they don’t damage anything in the house) or become over-sized bullets for which couch cushions make excellent shields.

We love our legos.  We love our wooden blocks. But no one toy in our house has lasted from infancy through late elementary, like these blocks.

Happy weekend!

How I spent my afternoon yesterday with a certain 3-year old.


4 thoughts on “171

  1. Isn’t it funny how some things just last the test of time? I took out our little stacking cups the other day for a visiting baby, and my boys POUNCED on them. They haven’t gone back to the cupboard since. They have been towers, jail cells for legos, boats for farm animals, you name it. Such a good reminder: the old toys are the best toys.

  2. *ahem* May I please add, I am 23 and even I love those blocks (and not for your Mommy reasons, either)

  3. Stacking cups are genius. My kids play with their kitchen relative a lot— measuring cups that stack one inside the other.

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