Each day, the kids bring loads of toys downstairs from their rooms. Then suddenly, the game is finished, and they want to go outside. Of course, they’re in no mood to take the toys back upstairs. So I tell them, “Put everything that goes upstairs, on the stairs. The next time you go up, take an armful with you.”

I was in the kitchen when they were loading up the stairs. When they finished, they shoved their feet into their shoes, and headed out the door.

A few minutes later, I had to go upstairs myself. I turned the corner from the living room, and this is what I saw.

I suppose it’s not funny, now, when I look at this picture. But this scene made me laugh so hard yesterday. It looked like a bunch of stuffed animals in our house couldn’t take life anymore in their owners’ perpetually messy rooms, and committed suicide over the railing, landing on the stairs.

I laughed until I cried.

*  *  *  *  *

I had the most realistic dream last night. Well, now that I think about the actual details of the dream, I suppose I should have clued myself in that my subconscious was at work, but at the time it felt so real.

I’m sitting at a table with my writing partner, and an editor at a publishing house. We’re all in our pajamas. The editor loved our book proposal, and is offering us a contract for our anthology. I’m so happy I’m screaming. And then I ask, “Wait a minute, this isn’t a dream, is it? I’m not going to wake up, am I?”

“No,” the editor says, “this is no dream.”

I wake up at 3:30 AM in a tangle of blankets, dripping sweat. I look over at my husband’s side of the bed, which is empty because he has overnight call. And of course, now I can’t fall back asleep.

I have not thought much about our anthology for a couple of months. My mind has been inextricably wrapped around this novel. I’m thinking and breathing the characters, constantly jotting down notes about scenes, checking the time to see how much more I can write before the kids need dinner, or I have to pick up the baby from preschool. But I suppose since I put my whole heart into the anthology, it’s always in the back of my mind, even though it didn’t get off the ground.

I guess one never really gets over their first love.


4 thoughts on “157

  1. LOL – the stuffed animals cracks me up. I do the same thing – put things on the stairs, take ’em up next time. And no one EVER TAKES ANYTHING UP!

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