150 (Goooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaallll!)

I DID IT! 150 pages before the end of the school year. WOO HOO!

Sea Dragon

To celebrate, how about some gratuitous dragon pictures by a certain 1st grade girl? Do you think, since she’s exhibited such a strong interest in drawing dragons, that I should take it to another level with her? Should we build a moat around our house? Should I pay for fire-breathing lessons? Should I buy her a komodo dragon for her birthday?

Anyone know if dragon artists do well in a down economy?

May your weekend be filled with magical beasts galore.

Dragon in a cave


4 thoughts on “150 (Goooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaallll!)

  1. Oh Cagey, Reptile Goddess, you’ve given me food for thought. But unlike you, I’m a bit squeamish about little critters. Will look it up on Google, though.

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