For book club, we read The Omnivore’s Dilemma and had our largest turnout for book club in a while– twelve people. With such a raucous group and a pitcher of sangria, it was hard to keep everyone on topic. But it came down to this:

How much effort should we make to eat food that comes from a sustainable environment? Should we drive thirty minutes to get our egg and milk from a local farmer who has pastured chickens (the real cage free chickens) and cows and dump the “cage-free” eggs at Whole Foods that aren’t really cage-free? What’s better, organic or local? It was an interesting discussion, and I find myself grimacing at my pantry which is replete with Cascadian Farms cereal and Late July crackers. What is the relationship between my connection to these processed foods and the tornadoes that destroyed much for much of the south? We don’t have much around here in terms of CSA. There’s one, and its pick-up time is only one hour on a Friday afternoon. But is this a good enough excuse for me to not use it? Should I arrange my life differently, inconvenience myself more, to eat better, healthier, and help the planet at the same time?

*  *  *  *  *

Since I commited to finishing this novel a few months back, I guessed that it would end up at about 80,000 words. I came up with 80,000 words because this is a typical figure for women’s fiction, and the shorter average for most novels. Obviously, since I haven’t finished the book, I’ve no idea what it will end up at. But given the way I’ve paced myself, the first draft should end up around 80,000 words.

Which means at 40,104 words, I’m halfway done!

Pacing myself has been challenging. I just revealed one pretty big secret. There are a few more left, but I’ve got to figure out where they go, and how they fall naturally into the plot. But I’m getting there. And it feels really good.

My family, in shadow. That's me in the center, taking the picture.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


6 thoughts on “HALFWAY DONE!

  1. Congratulations!!!

    I’m glad there are several CSAs to choose from here and a GREAT farmer’s market. I’m trying to steer clear of processed foods, but cereal is a hard thing to let go off, no? (I think for us it’s mostly cereal and juice/ soymilk/ milk because we don’t eat that many snacks. Oh, and applesauce (well, there’s still a lot, but much less than average, I’m sure).

  2. Thanks, Lilian. I’m not much of a photographer. But I was pretty impressed with this picture since I took this with my phone!

  3. 1) Congratulations! Halfway done is amazing.
    2) Love the family portrait, though some child who will remain nameless is shockingly tall, which gives me pangs.
    3) Regarding the CSA: that one hour window would be enough for me to say “forget it” and I love our CSA. If you have a good local community market, our Co-op is doing a CSA now which I might have tried if I hadn’t already paid for our usual. It’s kind of a genius idea, guaranteeing themselves customers walking in the door for sure once a week, plus looking at veggies, and thinking, Hey, if I had some milk/bacon/cheese/noodles/etc, I could make _______.”

  4. Our CSA IS actually at a community market. Which is why I don’t get there’s such a short window for sale. Maybe I should talk to them about it. It’s weird too, because that hour is at noon. People who work don’t have a chance to get there…

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