I was woken up at 2 AM last night by a feverish toddler. Unlike most sick children, she did not want to be cuddled or rocked. She wanted to play. “Let’s go downstairs and build a tower with blocks,” she suggested. “Let’s practice letters.” Her cup runneth over with ideas for Fun Games in the Middle of the Night. After a while (a long, long while) she told me I could put her back in her crib. I think she was disappointed that I wasn’t interested in partying with her.

So she’s home from school today, her good cheer long replaced by a rigid crankiness from lack of sleep. And did I mention she doesn’t take naps? And that my husband is working a double shift today? And that I missed one of my favorite yoga classes of the week? Let’s just say I’m good and cranky, too.

I did get my writing done this morning (thank you Dora, Diego) and I’m hoping to practice yoga for a half hour at home. I’m still pretty sore from my Yin class on Monday. Yin is all about taking a yoga pose and holding it for a really, really long time. It stretches and strengthens far beyond muscle– it reaches the connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons. Nine months of practicing Yin yoga one hour a week, has convinced me that the way to the fountain of youth is through Yin yoga.


4 thoughts on “119

  1. Ah, so that was you in my boat! A. had a fever this morning and “his neck hurt”, which ended up with me having to leave work early to take him to the pediatrician because he can’t go to school with a fever. Of course, his ears, throat, chest, and everything else look just fine and I got to hear my favorite words, “It’s probably just a virus”. No, it’s not just a virus, it’s days of missed work, thanks!

  2. I heard you my dear friend, I am sailing in the same boat, my daughter got her 5th ear infection and making my life hell..Stay in there..things will be alright..Hugs to you..

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