Sometimes the weekends are too full, as in the car has a weird rattling sound that needs to be checked out, and the fridge has no groceries, bills must be paid, and four loads of laundry need to be put away. These weekends don’t really feel like weekends.

And then there are weekends like this past weekend, which was “too full” in the best way possible.

We spent Friday night with friends and good food, then drove two hours to my parents’ house Saturday afternoon to dye eggs. Saturday night we ate dinner out with my dear friend and her family. Sunday we went to Easter Sunday Mass, and got to catch up with long time friends and relatives we hadn’t seen in a while. Then, we ate a delicious homecooked meal with my family, before the two hour drive back.

It was a “full” weekend, but in the best sense of the word.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Now that I’m fairly certain I’ll reach my goal of 150 pages of the novel by May 27 (our last day of school), I’m committing myself to a new goal: finishing the entire first draft by the time school starts back up again in mid-August.

This will be a lot tougher.

We’ll be traveling some this summer. The older kids will only be doing two weeks of camp, the baby will be home with me. A college student has offered to help a few hours a week, so I can get to the gym/run errands, but otherwise, I’ll be finishing the first draft while all three kids are home with me.

I wonder if I can do it.


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