Yesterday, I received two links of articles from friends. My question is: Are they contradictory?

First from Elaine, this lovely piece about what reaching a goal looks like. I’m constantly visualizing my work space when I’m not there — the large window where I look out upon our beautiful fushia roses, our small pond across the street, and the geese that won’t stop pooping on everyone’s lawn. Reaching my goal of finishing this novel won’t have an obvious sort of reward. There will be no big brass band. It will just be me, sitting at my laptop, and typing “THE END.”

But it will be a grand feeling, nonetheless.

Then Kelli sent me a link from this article from the Harvard Business School entitled “Don’t Do What You Love.” It discusses the importance of not just doing what you love, but also doing what you’re good at. There’s quite a bit of truth in it for me, actually. If I don’t publish a book, should I find something else to do? Should I go back and get my MFA with the hopes of either becoming a better writer, or at least have the ability to teach writing?

Is reaching a goal for something that’s just a hobby, as worthy as reaching a goal for something you’re really good/talented/skilled at?

37 pages to reach my Page Number Goal before school gets out in five weeks.


2 thoughts on “113

  1. I also had mixed feelings on that last article. It has had me thinking as I ponder what I need to in the next chapter of my life.

    There is a very fine, thin line between taking your passion, making money at it, then getting burned out versus loving what you do. I have taken hobbies a few times and attempted to make money – I was burned out on one. The jewelry making was somewhat successful and this was pre-Etsy, but I didn’t enjoy making jewelry after awhile.

    However, my husband LOVES what he does – building businesses. He hasn’t hit it big yet, so he still loves what he does and is motivated to keep trying. I wonder what he will do if/when he hits it big. I also worry. If that makes any sense. 🙂

  2. Well thanks for sharing it. Success and failure seem to play some role in what I’m passionate about. I’ll be curious to see how that changes the older I get. Ten years from now, would I rather be a failure at something I love? Or would I rather be good at something I could do without?

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